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4 Things To Remember When Creating A Fake Certificate

April 22, 2022

Day by day, securing a job is becoming harder and harder. Job interviewers decide the worth of a prospective employee, not based on their skill sets, but rather by a piece of paper. Education is deemed the only way to gain knowledge. This undermines the value of knowledge learned simply by experience. But since education is given much more importance, people are forced to cheat their way through the job application process. 

This is why you’ll hear many instances of people submitting a fake high school diploma or fake master’s degree to their potential employer. So, you have to be smart about it and try not to make it so obvious. 

Here are 4 things to remember when creating a fake certificate. Make sure you don’t repeat these silly errors while creating your false certificates:

  • Design

Attention to detail is key while designing a fake certificate. Go through a bunch of real certificates and note down what commonalities they have. Maybe they have a watermark or maybe the type of paper they use is slightly different from regular paper. Ensure you use a paper of the exact width, height, and thickness as the original. A common rule is that a signature is never printed but written in ink. 

  • Language

The language used on certificates can also be a cause of concern. The use of Latin terminology in certificates is a major red flag. No one ever uses that kind of language anymore. It was only popular in the olden times. The language also differs from country to country. For instance, expressions like ‘cum laude’ are used in US universities, while a UK-based one will say ‘with honours.’

  • Order of words

In passing, a student might say, ‘I went to Manchester Uni.’ But, on a certificate, you must always resort to typic out the full and proper name of the university. Instead of ‘Manchester Uni’, write ‘The University of Manchester’. This might be one of the silliest errors you can be caught for.

  • Trust the professionals

You must not forget that getting caught trying to submit a fake high school diploma or any other kind of educational certificate can get you in legal trouble. You might serve for as long as 10 years. So, instead of doing it yourself, leave it to the professionals. 

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