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Get your Desired College with an Unofficial Transcript

January 3, 2023

An official transcript is a comprehensive record of a student’s academic performance. It comprises all courses taken in University, including those dropped or repeated. It also offers a list of all transfer credits that the University accepts. Academic work accomplished at several levels is reflected on distinct transcripts, each with its GPA. When students receive their bachelor’s degree, their transcript is deemed sealed and cannot be altered. All further education will show on a post-baccalaureate or graduate transcript, and no new qualifications may be added to the undergraduate record.

For the transfer to another institution or University, official transcripts are necessary. Official transcripts are also given to verify credentials, such as a teacher, nurse licence, or professional work chances. 

Current students can get unofficial transcripts through self-service in the Student Information System. They are prepared in landscape style and serve as a tool for students to examine their academic records. 

An unofficial transcript and an official transcript have different contents. Some variances only show up in specific occupations, whereas others are present in all careers at the University. 

  • Exchange Credit 

The unofficial transcript for all careers includes course-by-course information about external transfer credit—credit that has been accepted at the University from another institution.

In contrast, the official transcript only includes the institution from which the credit was accepted, the university programme it applied to, and the total number of hours accepted at the University. 

  • Academic Position 

Academic standing statements are included following the total statistics for the applicable period. Depending on the career, either the official or fake college transcripts will include these comments. Ineligible to Register, Probation Incomplete, Probation Incomplete Resolved, and Re-eligible to register only appear on the unofficial transcript for undergraduate students. These remarks won’t be included in the official transcript. 

Academic standing statements will not appear on the official transcript for students in the School of Graduate Studies. This is the only transcript that contains these statements. On their official and unofficial transcripts, students at the School of Law will see all academic standing statements except the Academic Warning. There is no mention of the Academic Warning on any transcript. 

  • Milestones  

Statements called milestones might be found after each career record. The type of transcript on which milestones are listed differs by career. Except for the Final Oral Defense and Waiver of Registration, all milestones will be visible to students in the School of Graduate Studies on official and unofficial transcripts. 

The unofficial transcript contains the final oral defence and registration waiver milestones. Only the unofficial transcript will show the Substance Abuse Training milestone to Law School students. The official transcript does not reflect it. 


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