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QUBのトランスクリプト, 北アイルランドでクイーンズ大学ベルファストの偽の成績証明書を購入

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クイーンズ大学ベルファスト (informally Queen’s or QUB) is a public research university in Belfast, Northern Ireland, イギリス. Queen’s has been led by a distinguished line of vice-chancellors, including Sir David Keir, Lord Ashby of Brandon, Michael Grant, Sir Arthur Vick, Sir Peter Froggatt, Sir Gordon Beveridge, Sir George Bain and Sir Peter Gregson. The current vice chancellor, Ian Greer, was appointed in January 2018, following the sudden death of the previous vice chancellor, Patrick Johnston. How much for a fake Queen’s University Belfast transcript? Buy Queen’s University Belfast fake degree, buy Queen’s University Belfast fake diploma, buy QUB fake Transcript. The university’s chancellors have included Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 9th Earl of Shaftesbury, Field Marshal Alan Brooke, 1st Viscount Alanbrooke, Sir Tyrone Guthrie, Eric Ashby, Baron Ashby, and George J. Mitchell. The current chancellor is Hillary Clinton, who was appointed in January 2020, filling a vacancy since August 2018, when businessman Thomas Moran died. The role is largely a ceremonial one, and she will be present at graduations, act as an ambassador for Queen’s abroad and serve as an advisor for the vice-chancellor. Hillary Clinton was given an honorary doctorate from the university in October 2018.

Academic life at Queen’s is organised into fifteen schools across three faculties. The three faculties are the Faculty of Arts, 人文科学 & Social Sciences (AHSS), the Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences (EPS) and the Faculty of Medicine, 健康 & Life Sciences (MHLS). Each of the faculties operate as a primary management unit of the university and the schools are the focus for education and research for their respective subject areas.how to make the QUB transcript, how to create a fake QUB transcript, how to change the grade on QUB transcript.

芸術学部, 人文科学 & Social Sciences
芸術学校, English and Languages
School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics
Queen’s Management School
社会科学部, Education and Social Work

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